Jason, Cat Man

Lifelong cat lover, he has been living with cats since he was an infant (proof: photo below)

Volunteer at DSPCA on 2008, he has been a foster father for various charities since. He has also participated in the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes Conference 2011 in Jersey, UK. Member of Pet Sitters International, he complies with the Code of Ethic and Conduct set up by the internationally recognized Professional Pet Sitters Association.

Since Alice started Maow Care on 2009, he has been the ‘backstage manager’ maintaining the website, answering occasional customer phone calls, taking care of key drops, etc, and has recently got more and more involved with the actual cat-sitting too.

Jason was a graphic designer in his past life and is currently a student in horticulture. He was born in Montreal, lived in Paris and moved to Dublin with Alice and their cat.

He is living happily with two cats and surrounded by lots of homegrown vegetables.